A Software Engineer who’s passionate about creating Web / Mobile applications, System Design, Architecture, and Creating content that can be of value to others.

I have helped companies and startups to build highly scalable, interactive, and performant web applications. In my career so far, I have worked in FinTech, Ride Sharing, Online booking, Designing tools, and No code web applications. Apart from technical expertise, I have really good communication skills, and being a good communicator, my clients always appreciate me.

I love open source and community building. I have created, maintained, and contributed to various open-source projects. I also give back to the community by writing blogs, tech talks, online and onsite training workshops and courses.

Besides juggling work, content creation, and other commitments, I can be found traveling to contemplate the meaning of life under the stars 🌠

What do I know? 👨‍💻


⚡ Reactjs / Next / Redux / React Router

⚡ Vue / Vuex

⚡ TypeScript + React & Redux / TypeScript + Vue & Vuex

⚡ Context / Hooks / CSS modules / JSS / SASS

⚡ Bootstrap4+ / Material UI / Semantic / Antd

⚡ HTML5 / CSS3 / Flex Layout / Responsive Design


⚡ NodeJS

⚡ ExpressJS

⚡ MongoDB and SQL

⚡ Excellent knowledge of REST API Architectures.

⚡ Hands-On Experience with GraphQL.

⚡ Test-Driven-Development Using JEST / Enzyme / Mocha and Chai.

⚡ Always ready for a new tool to fit in the belt!

Mobile Development:

⚡ React Native

⚡ Flutter

I'm not an ordinary developer, working from 9 to 5, earning suitable money and living life. I'm from those people who do some home work as well 😉

I love to speak and teach about Software Engineering, System Design and Computer Science concepts like Data Structures and Algorithms.

I'm always ready to take the challenges and improve myself in healthy environment.

"If you fall behind, run faster. Never give up, never surrender, and rise up against the odds."

Happy Coding :)